Iron Scuplture

Baroque & Roll, Functions in Fusion, 2012.

Postpedestal 14.

Oil, canvas, welded iron 41x136x90 cm


The story of 'White on White', 2012.
Postpedastal 13.


Welded steel, 200x59x58 cm


Common future, 2011.

Postpedastal 12.

Welded iron, 80x140x100 cm



The end of pretence, 2011
Postpedestal 9.

Welded steel, 70x98x70 cm


Reckoning, 2011
Postpedestal 11.

Welded iron, 32x143x90


Drops of life, 2011

Postpedestal 10.

Welded iron, 85x38x56 cm


Last gesture, 2011
Postpedestal 8.


Welded iron, 83x50x65 cm



A peasant taking a sauna bath, 2010
Postpostamens 7.


Welded iron, 164x97x90 cm


From everything to everything, 2010
Postpedestal 6.

Welded iron, conglomerate rock, 36x96x65 cm


Ancient voice, 2010
Postpedestal 5.

Welded iron, 40x128x65 cm


The whirpool of the law, 2009.
Postpedestal 4.

Welded steel, 125x70x70 cm











Tipsy, 2009
Postpedestal 3.

Welded iron, 130x62x76 cm


ha a lényeg változik











If the substance changes, 2008.
Postpedestal 2.

Welded iron, 145x60x50 cm


pillantás a mélybe











Looking at the depth, 2008.
Postpedestal 1.

Welded iron, 130x62x76 cm


egy artista bőre alatt











Under the skin of an artiste, 2009

Welded iron and stainless steel, 200x70x70 cm


Álarcok mögött

Behind masks, 2006.

Welded steel, 40x46x35 cm

kapukon át








Through gates, 2005

Welded iron, 125x85x60 cm


From Law To Whirpool, 2002


Welded iron, 220x60x60 cm


minél közelebb, annál távolabb








The closer the farther, 2001.

Welded iron, 70x60x30 cm


és akkor majd







And then you open up your eyes, 2003

Wood, stainless steel, 20 m x 20 cm


New reality of touch, 2003

Welded iron, 118x50x30 cm


Showing true colours 2., 2003

Welded iron, stainless steel,  63x26x20 cm


Showing true colours 1., 2003


Welded iron, stainless steel 64x26x30 cm


One picture, two realities 2., 2001

welded iron, 35x20x36 cm















Outbreak, 2000

Welded iron, 104x72x60 cm


King, 2003

Welded iron, 40x50 cm


The Face Of Time 1., 2005

Welded steel, 50x30x25 cm


Az idő arca 2.









The Face Of Time 2., 2008.

Welded steel, 60x50x45 cm


Arcok, terek










Faces and Spaces, 2005.

Welded iron, 30x35x25 cm