Wood, stone and combination

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Életre kelt labirintus, 2013

konglomerátum, hegesztett vas, 149 X 57 cm





Metamorphosis, 2014

Horse chetnut, stainless steel, 145x35x70 cm

Atelier an der Donau, Pöchlarn, Austria





Internal reality, 2011

Oak, 200x70x60 cm


Rise up and walk, 2011.

Oak, steel, 164X80X45 cm












Analysing 2., 2006

Stone, welded iron, 46x28x30 cm


analízis 1












Analysing 1., 2006


Stone, welded steel, 62x41x32 cm


Faces and Spaces 2., 2011


Welded steel, stone, 22x40x30 cm


Closed In Your Own Self, 2001


Welded iron and oak, 250x60x60 cm


Fight, 2003

Wood and welded steel, 60x70x82 cm


One picture, two realities 1., 1999

Oil, canvas, welded steel, 62x45x6 cm